Academic Events

To enrich students' life at school, widen their horizons and realize the potential and talent to the full, the school runs a comprehensive and diverse co-curricular activities programme that embraces disciplines of Sports & Action, Creativity, Music, Drama and other Performing Arts, Technology, Craft,Academic Clubs.Beside other activities Academic activities are also the part of Curriculum.

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List of Events are:-

  • Introduce Yourself Activity.
    In the beginning of new session “Introduce Yourself” activity was planned for the students of class I, II on 6th April 2018. First of all class teachers introduce themselves to students and then one by one student gave their introduction. Some Students introduce themselves very nicely. Students told about their likes, hobbies, favourite game, subject etc. The purpose of this activity was to get a good start between students – teacher relationship and make them feel comfortable in new class.

  • Earth Day Celebration
    Earth Day was celebrated on 22nd April 2018. Students of Class I, II were told about the importance of earth day and how we can protect our mother earth from different problems related to environment, pollution etc. Plantation was done by junior Harriers in school garden. Children promised teachers that they will take care of plants and not pluck flowers from garden. Worksheets related to earth day were given to students and students participated enthusiastically.

  • Best Out of Waste
    In order to make children aware of uses of waste material and give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our “ Best out of waste” activity was organised for classes I,II on 3rd May 2018. This activity explores and encourages creativity in children and offers them a platform to show case their skills. It inspires children to think and work with creativity and promote artistic excellence. Children enjoyed a lot.

  • Mother’s Day–Card Making Activity
    Mother is the best friend of a child. She has an important role in child’s life. Nobody can take her place in life of a child. Teachers told students about mother’s day. Teachers told students about mother’s day. To show respect and their feelings for their mother’s students of class I, II prepared beautiful cards for their moms in an innovative way through card making activity.

  • Drawing And Colouring Activity
    Creativity with innovative idea is the best part of child’s talent. Drawing and colouring makes students feel relaxed and provides freedom to express themselves with creativity. To enhance our student’s creativity and innovation, a “Drawing and Colouring competition” was held on 20th May 2018 for students of class I, II. Students participated with a great zeal.

  • Inter-House Powerpoint Presentation held on 10th July 2018.
    Presentations aren't about the presenter;they are about the audience and what the audience needs.Keeping in mind We organised Inter House PowerPoint Presentation.The students gave the presentation very confidently.
    Result of Presentation:-
    1st Position- Falcons House
    2nd Position- Kestrals House
    3rd Position- Hawks House

  • Hindi Spell Bee Activity
    A spell bee activity is a competition in which students are asked to spell a broad selection of words usually with a varying degree of difficulty. To learn an effective language, the correct spelling of words is the most important factor. To encourage students to learn spellings correctly, an “Intraclass spell bee completion” was held on 14th July 2018 for classes I, II.

  • English Poem Recitation Competition
    Poetry recitation is literary work where ideas and feelings, accentuated with the use of distinctive style and rhythm is delivered through a public speaking activity. Reciting poems makes it easier for young children to learn new vocabulary words and develops memorization skills also. To enhance the memorizing skills of students of class I, II English poem recitation competition was organized on 22nd July 2018.

  • Hindi Handwriting Competition
    Handwriting is a way to express our views in attractive way. To promote students for using good handwriting a “Hindi handwriting competition” was organized on 29th July 2017 for classes I, II. Students put great efforts to express their handwriting in good way and more attentive towards formations of letters as well.

  • Okra Painting
    Vegetable aren't just for eating! They can be used to make beautiful paintings and crafts- bean print leaves,apple-print butterflies. Vegetable printing is perfect for younger ones.All the students actively participated and showcased their creative skills.

  • Kindergarten Colouring Competition
    Colours are Brighter, when the mind is open .Playing with colours- the colouring competition was held for students of Kindergarten.Children participated with zeal and showed their talent.It was an amazing experience to see children coming out of their nutshell so well.

  • Workshop on ABACUS & Vedic Maths
    The School organised Workshop for Teachers on ABACUS & VEDIC MATHS. The resource persons engaged the teachers with activities and helped them to understand how Abacus can be used more effectively.Everyone participated with full zeal and enthusiasm throughout the workshop.

  • Blue Day Celebration
    Colour Blue symbolises trust and calmness...To understand this and to make them aware about different colour combinations, our tiny tots celebrated Blue Day...They came in blue attire and enjoyed pool party as well.It was a refreshing day for the children.

  • English Poem Recitation Competition on 31/07/2018.
    "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words"...The school organised Poem Recitation Competition through which students exhibit their talent and confidence.The competition inspired the students to come forward and recite on stage.

  • Seminar On Career Counselling on 3/08/2018.
    Picking a Career usually,comes after picking a course. If a student doesn’t pick the right course, it would inadvertently affect their career choice.To find the right career, there needs to be an understanding of what course to take and if capabilities match interests.So,the School organised a "Career counselling Seminar" for Senior class Students.

  • Rakhi Making Activity
    Raksha Bhandhan is a festival which celebrates the bond of affection between brothers and sisters. To celebrate this festival Rakhi making activity was organized on 5th August 2017 for students of class I, II. Students made beautiful rakhis using different things like ribbons, stones, pearl, bindisatc. Girls tied rakhis on the hands of boys and boys gave chocolates to them as gift.

  • Fun With Mathematics on 4/08/2018.

  • Hindi Poem Recitation Competition
    Reciting poems helps in building memorizing skills of young children and removes fear of public speaking from their minds. To enhance these skills in students “Hindi poem recitation activity” was organized on 28th August 2018 for students of class I, II. Students recited lovely poems in class.

  • Parents Orientation Programme
    “Our generation full of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation and with that, the world.” Dr. Charles Raison. Awareness on parenting styles and the best parenting strategies can help you gain better insight into your child and become the best parent possible. In this regard our school has organized a workshop for parents on “Parenting and behavior of children” on 13th October 2018 in school premises. The motto behind organizing this workshop was to help parents understand their children, develop parenting skills and build deeper connection in the family.

  • Workshop and Counseling Session
    Our school has organized a workshop and counseling session for classes PP 1 to V in the school campus from 25th September to 7th October 2018. The motto of this workshop is “To improve Reading, Writing, Learning, Speaking and Moral skills” of students.

  • Show and Tell Activity
    Show and Tell Activity helps in building vocabulary and pronunciation skills of young children and removes fear of public speaking from their minds. To enhance these skills in students “Show and Tell activity” was organized on 16th October 2017 for students of class I, II. Students described the object with the help of few sentences in class.

  • Hindi Story Telling Activity
    Story telling is a universal and traditional art form that has featured strongly in Indian Culture as an effective communication tool. Development of good communication skills is the most integral part of school education. To enhance creativity and vocabulary building in our young learners an “Intraclass Hindi story telling competition” was conducted on 18th November 2018 in classes I and II.This kind of activity is used as a medium to ingrain values in kids and to entertain and educate them.

  • English Spell Bee Activity
    A spell bee activity is a competition in which students are asked to spell a broad selection of words usually with a varying degree of difficulty. To learn an effective language, the correct spelling of words is the most important factor. To encourage students to learn spellings correctly, an “Intraclass spell bee competition” was held on 22th November 2018 for classes I, II.